The Laws And Regulations Regarding Electric Kick Scooters In USA

Who doesn’t love Electric Kick Scooters? They are light, fast and easy to carry around. Becoming more popular day by day, young generations are now dying over these awesome gadgets. The main reason for this popularity is, these vehicles don't need any registration or license.

These vehicles are largely popular in Canada and USA. 

If you live in these countries you’re probably wondering now, “Are they legal? If they are, where can I use them?" That's why we’ll be shedding some light on this complicated issue to help you avoid any unnecessary situations. 


What Are Electric Kick Scooters?

Electric kick scooters are a special type of kick scooter with an electric motor that can go up to 25km/h. They are mostly made of aircraft grade aluminum with a built-in folding mechanism which makes them extremely light and portable.    

It’s simple to use, you can start it up using just a button and then control it using the handle. Making it the perfect electric personal transport.


Are They Legal In USA?

In USA different states have different laws regarding this matter. While most of them permit the use of electric kick scooters, there are a few minorities that restrict their use.


Electric Kick Scooter Laws in California

A lady rides an electric scooter at Santa Monica Pier (Noah Smith) 

If you live in California or thinking about moving there then this might be a great news for you. Although Electric kick scooters weren’t legal before in California, now the scenario changed.

According to the State of California, electric kick scooters are characterized as motorized scooters. You won’t have to register these vehicles or get them insured. 

According to the electric kick scooter law California, you can use these electric scooters on a bikeway, trail, or a bicycle path. But you don’t have any permission to use them on the sidewalk and not go over the limit of 15 mph.

Kind of a letdown, but better than being banned altogether.

Electric kick scooter law California also states other restrictions such as:

  • You’ll be needing driver’s license to drive these vehicles.
  • Need to wear a safety or bicycle helmet.
  • You have to be at least over 16 years old to drive these.
  • Driving these on public streets with a speed limit of 35 mph is still allowed. Although you have to use these in the bike lane.
  • If you come across a bike lane, you have to operate only on that lane.
  • You can use the sidewalks to enter or leave the street.
  • Attaching the scooter to other moving vehicle isn't permitted in any way.
  • Also, you can’t have any passengers and you must have a working brake.

Just follow these rules, you should be fine. They have a lot of restriction on using them on the street but still, they are legal and you can use them without being fined. We think this a really great opportunity for you if you live in California.


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