Electric Personal Transportation

Rouline folded scooter
A Rouline foldable scooter, Paris. 1919


Technology has been advancing over the last few decades giving us new wonders every time. Remember when we used to walk or take a bus whenever we had to go anywhere? Yeah, those days are fading away pretty soon now. Although the change happened really slowly, it was still worth the time.

With the new innovations in the technology, the world is rapidly adapting to more flexible means of personal electric transports. 

These transports are making our lives much easier, saving us a lot of time in the process. There are so many examples, to begin with, but let's see some popular ones for the starter.


Electric Kick Scooter:

Smoov Scooter

Electric Kick Scooter has been here since the year 2010. With their electric motor, easy to ride and great speed, they are extremely popular for any transportation.

These are very comfortable to ride on, giving you a maximum speed of 30km/hr. You can even fold them up and take it with you wherever you go. Being really lightweight, they were designed to ride on the urban streets.

It’s simple to use, takes just a button to start it up. It’s one of the best ways for to go to the office every day or even use it as a daily transport device. A fun ride throughout the day!


Electric Longboard:


Longboards are no longer just a fun street gaming tool. With their new upgradation to electric longboards, they are becoming one of the best personal transports in the world. These are actually skateboards but with a longer length and integrated electric system.

A trendy way to go anywhere you want! All you have to do is to squeeze the trigger and take it for a spin to the office.   

These longboards are really fast and speedier than scooters with their 45-50km/h speed. But the acceleration is really great, making it one of the best personal electric transports.


Electric Unicycle:


Electric Unicycles are actually quite interesting. Unlike other devices, these actually have one wheel instead of two. The wheel seems to range from 12"-18" in diameter, giving you a great speed, up to 40km/h! That’s a really high speed for a personal electric transport. 

Riding it is quite easy. All you have to do is hop on it and lean toward any direction you want to go. The Unicycle will start moving right after you do that.

These electric Unicycles are most popular for their flexibility. You can ride it on any surface including dirt, gravel, grass, etc. The only flaw is the size. It’s just not something you can carry around in a bag.




Hoverboards are extremely popular among youngsters. They almost look like skateboards but are more sophisticated than that. Riding them is quite easy.

Just stand on them and push them in any direction you want to go. They are slower than usual personal electric transports with a maximum speed of 10km/h.

Not best suited as a fast transportation means but great for taking a stroll in the park or shopping. But still, they offer a lot to the table with cool designs and being extremely fun to ride.   

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