Electric Kick Scooter Laws in Canada


Under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act, Ministry of Transportation, electric kick scooters can be used on Ontario's public road, but the municipalities have the ability to prohibit where electric kick scooter may travel on roads, paths, trails and other property under their jurisdiction.


Toronto considered electric kick scooter, hoverboard, and other electric personal transportation as motorized vehicles, and only for use on the personal property. you are prohibited to use them on bike lanes, bike paths, sidewalks, not even in parks. However, there were no reports that these laws have been implemented or enforced tickets have been issued.

We have reached out to the local police department and confirmed that no clear statements about fines or charges for riding electric kick scooter, and there won’t be any issues if no pedestrians are harmed.

British Columbia

Similar to Ontario, the Motor Vehicle Act of British Columbia defines electric kick scooter as motor vehicles, but they do not meet provincial equipment safety standards for on-road use.

Electric kick scooters and electric longboard may only be operated where the Motor Vehicle Act doesn't apply, such as

  • on private property that does not have public vehicle access, and
  • on trails or pathways (if allowed by municipal bylaw).

The fine could be between $ 80 and $ 600, according to the Vancouver police, but the police officers are likely not to apply this law if no one is harmed in any way.


In Quebec or Montreal, you can ride the electric kick scooter only on sidewalks. But you can't use these devices on the roads. These are totally banned from using on the road regarding safety issues.

As you have permission to use them on the sidewalks you should be very careful while you ride them.




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