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Smoov Scooter

About Smoov

Hello! We’re Smoov, and we’re from Toronto, Canada. Like most Torontonians, we love our city and we love our hockey. But the one thing that we don’t like is our hectic commute. Our roads are congested daily as is our public transportation system. So we thought: there must be a better way to get from place to place with minimal effort. That’s how we came up with Smoov – an attractive, compact, lightweight, easy-to- use, reliable electric kick scooter for the urban adult. If you’d like to know more about us you can read our story here.

Why Smoov?


Travel up to 25km (15 miles) on a single charge at speeds of up to 23km/h. No other comparatively-priced electric kick scooter this compact can provide such performance.


Smoov is one of the smallest foldable electric kick scooters for adults. Designed for your urban lifestyle, this sleek, sturdy, and lightweight scooter folds down easily in seconds.


Smoov is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and carefully-selected parts. This is no toy. We’re serious about quality and work with only the best suppliers.

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Key Features


Smoov weighs only 8.2kg – that’s 50% lighter than the average electric kick scooter. It folds down small, perfect for storing away at home, at school, or in the office. Take it anywhere you want.


Two brakes – an electric and brake and a rear foot brake – and a large LED headlight on the frame make riding safe, day and night.


Smoov charges 30% faster than the average compact electric kick scooter. You can choose between three speeds up to a maximum of 23km/h and go up to 25km without needing to recharge. It has a maximum load of 150kg.